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Fun Videos for Online Learning

While we are trying to figure out ways to teach our elementary students virtually, it can be hard finding content that is applicable to our students. While building my own online music classes I have found some videos that might be helpful as you build your own. Videos are not as valuable as actual instruction but may be better than words on a screen. These videos have been compiled from my own music lessons as well as music colleagues that have generously shared their ideas.

Rhythmic Elements- Students can still read rhythms while they are at home. Flashcards can work on Google Slides but sometimes videos can help as well!

K-2 Videos- Here are some videos for your younger students in mind.

Music Composition- Below are some videos showing students how they make movie soundtracks. It is a great way for older students to understand what goes on behind the scenes and how music impacts film.

Musicals- Video snippets are a great way to expose students to music theater. Below are a few videos that you can share with your students.

Les Mis: Fun Fact- The child star in this production is Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things.

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