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Redecorated Elementary Music Classroom!

I have been wanting to redesign the music room for some time now. Many of the resources on the wall were from my first few years of teaching or from the prior music teacher. Since I couldn't go on vacation and I generally was stuck at home because of the coronavirus, I decided to go up to the school and work on my classroom when I felt a need to get out of the house. During the process I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so I made some posters. I want share these resources free of charge to those that would like to use them in their classroom. Here is the end product! Hope you enjoy!

Music Symbols Posters

The first thing I wanted to do was redesign the posters I had at the front of my room. I couldn't find anything that I wanted on TeacherPayTeachers so I decided to make my own. It was a fun project! In addition to the music symbols, I also made some inspiring quotes posters. I talk to my students about excellence and how mistakes are part of the process. Learning how to make mistakes in a positive environment and realizing it is a part of learning is super important to build resiliency in students.

Musical Form Posters

We talk about and analyze musical form a lot in music class. To make the posters pop I used scrapbook paper as a border.


Introducing students to musicals is very important! I still remember learning about musicals in 6th grade and have been hooked ever since! Every 3rd grader gets to take a field trip to see the high school musical ever fall so I do a unit on musicals in 3rd grade. I cannot share this document but they are easy to make! To make the posters I googled playbills of musicals, put them in Google Slides, and printed them off. I also outlined them with scrapbook paper.

Nature Wall Treble Clef

Nature or Green Walls are popular in some office spaces right now so I decided to make my own version. I ordered some wood bulletin border, made the note signs, and went to the dollar store for the tissue paper flowers. It took some time but I am really impressed with the results. Over time I may add more greenery to the wall as well.

Title Posters

For the back of the classroom I made Title Posters to help define each section. These are printed on 11"X17" paper.

Representation in the Classroom

I was convicted last year that I didn't have enough diversity represented in my classroom. I decided to add more posters that all of my students could relate to. I found these "Rockin' All Year" posters at "Make Moments Matter". I have so many posters and switch them out periodically. I also make my own posters of famous celebrities to show students that anyone can be a musician! (I cannot share the celebrity posters because I do not have the rights to all of the pictures but you can easily make your own on Powerpoint or Google Slides).

Mega Desk!

Planning online lessons this past spring was very rough. I have back issues where I can't sit or stand for very long. Since I will be re imagining my curriculum, (whether we are seated in person or online) I decided to get a electric standing desk and dual monitors. Spinal health is very important and sitting for hours and looking down at a laptop can really impact your spine and neck/back muscles. While it was an investment, it is one that will hopefully pay off in the long run by having less pain and chiropractor visits. Even if you can get a monitor and set it on some books so it is level with your eye, it may help alleviate neck and back pain. (I am not a doctor. This is only based on my personal experiences)

I hope you have enjoyed the renovation of my classroom! Hopefully it has given you some ideas for your classroom if you are looking for something new. Feel free to use the free resources shared above.

Need more lesson ideas for your classroom? Check out the links below:

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