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Bee Bee Bumble Bee

Kodaly: Bee Bee Bumble is a great song to do with Kindergarten or 1st Grade. It helps teach titi ta and beat. I usually use this song to introduce beat in my Kindergarten classroom. I have a bee stuffed animal from the dollar store I use (many use a bee puppet as well) for the activity. There is lots of giggling with this activity!


Have students sit in a circle.

Students sing the song while patting on their lap (I personally use "quiet spiders" which is basically patting the beat on your thigh but making your hand into a claw or "spider" so they don't make noises).

While the students are singing tap their head with the bee while you walk on the outside of the circle.

Whoever you land on the word "out" is the next bee.

Start over with the new student. You may need to guide some students at the beginning to stay to the beat.

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