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Doggie Doggie

Kodaly: Doggie Doggie is one of my top 5 favorite songs that I do in the classroom. I usually play this game in Kindergarden or 1st grade but have even done it in a 6th grade general music class when I taught middle school to build up their confidence! This song can be used to teach solo singing, ta titi, hearing, and duple meter. For the bones I use to use markers but I found a skeleton at the dollar store for Halloween and used one of its legs for the game.


Have your students sit in a circle. Have them put their hands behind their back.

Pick a "dog" to go in the middle of the circle and go to sleep.

Give the bone to a student.

Have the class sing the song.

Only the dog sings "Who stole my bone" while still asleep.

Thief sings: I stole your bone.

Tell the dog to wake up. The dog gets three guesses to see who has the bone. (all students must keep their hands behind their backs). When they get better at the game only give the dog one guess.

If the dog gets it right they get to pick the next dog. If they get it wrong, the student with the bone becomes the new dog.

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