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Bounce High, Bounce Low

Kodaly: Bounce High, Bounce low is a great song to teach beat, high/low, and ta titi. I usually use this songs with kindergarten or first grade. After we learn the song we usually sing the song while reaching high on the high notes and low on the low notes. Once the students can do it correctly with their own bodies, we play the activity.


Grab a kick ball (or any ball that bounces) from PE or recess.

Have the students stand in a circle.

Teacher stands in the middle.

On every down beat you bounce the ball to a student and then they bounce it back on the next down beat (most down beats are on the word bounce).

Start with one student and then work your way all the way around the circle while repeating the song (we also talk about self control and not bouncing the ball too high).

Once we have went around the entire circle I bounce the ball to students in a random order. This keeps them alert and the anticipation is exciting for them.

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