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Five Fat Turkeys

Kodaly: Five Fat Turkeys is a great song to do around Thanksgiving. The main concept you may teach with this song is half notes but you may also review ta titi. The game that goes with this is pretty active but if you have a good space for it the students really enjoy it!


All students are in their chairs.

Pick 5 students to be "turkeys". Their hands must be touching the board/wall.

Pick one person to be cook. The cook stays in their seat.

Start singing the song. After the word "tree" everyone says "Go!" and the turkeys try to make it back to their chairs without being tagged "caught" by the "cook". The rest of the students keep singing. If the "turkeys" are not back in their seats by the end of the song they did not make it back in time and must also go to the turkey broiler (corner of the room).

Repeat one more time with the turkeys that survived and then start the game over with new students.

Number one rule: No screaming is allowed!

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