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Lucy Locket

Lucy Locket is a wonderful son to teach the Kodaly concept La in the music classroom. After learning the song I talk to the class about what a "pocket" and the significance of "not a penny was there in it" since all of Lucy's money was gone! There is a great game to this! Before we actually play the game I have the class practice passing and fake passing around the circle at least once.

Game Instructions:

Students make a circle standing.

Pick a student to be "Lucy" and have them sit in the middle.

Have students put their hands together (flat hands, no interlocking fingers). Students keep their hands together for the entire game.

Give one of the students a coin while Lucy's eyes are closed.

Start singing the song.

Once you start singing the song Lucy wakes up and tries to find the coin with her eyes. She does not move from the middle of the circle though.

Everyone else is passing or fake passing the coin around the circle. (the coin must keep going around the circle until the song stops).

Once the song stops everyone keeps their hands together in front of them. Lucy has three guesses to try to find who has her coin.

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