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Rocky Mountain

Kodaly: Rocky Mountain is a great historical song to teach "Re" and review "Do". Many students at first glance do not understand the song when it is first introduced. Introduce the historical aspect of the song to the students:

Explain what the Rocky Mountains are and why they are important to America. Talk about settlers who took all of their possessions in a wagon to go searching for a new life. Not to mention that they will not get to see their family and friends for a very long time, if ever again! The students then start to understand the song and appreciate it a lot more. Mixing history into music lessons almost always make the content more meaningful!


Pick groups of 4 and have them stand in a circle.

Line 1: have students walk in a clockwise motion.

Line 2: switch directions and walk clockwise.

Line 3: Have pair opposite each other raise their hands above their heads to make a mountain peak and have the other pair switch places under the mountain.

Line 4: Have the pair that just switch places make "Mountain peaks" and have the other pair switch places under the mountain.


Here is video example:

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