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Mouse Mousie

Kodaly: Mouse Mousie is a great song to teach Do. It is only made up of Sol, Mi, and Do which makes it easy for the students to see the distinction between the notes. There is a fun "Tom and Jerry" type game to this song.


Students sit in a circle.

Pick a "cat" to stand in the corner of the class and closes their eyes.

Pick a "mouse" from one of the students sitting in the circle. They stay where they are.

Once the class starts singing the song the "cat" starts to walk around the circle.

On the last word "you" the "mouse" jumps up and starts running around the circle. The "cat" must chase after them.

The "mouse" tries to run around the circle once to get back to his hole in the wall (spot).

If the "cat" tags the mouse before he gets home the "cat" wins!

Repeat and pick a new "cat" and "mouse".

Rules: must be safe while running. Students are criss-cross and hands are in their laps. No screaming is allowed.

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